Ian Cain For US Senate


Statement from Republican Ian Cain on Senate Border Bill

Quincy, MA – Today, after the Senate voted down on the most recent immigration legislation, Republican Ian Cain released the following statement:

“The political games being played as our border creates a national security and economic crisis is unbelievable. Senator Warren won’t entertain border solutions that don’t have blanket amnesty attached to it. John Deaton is busy making movies of him flaunting at the border and apparently would have backed this flawed legislation that fails to address the real issues at hand.

We need to end catch-and-release, discourage illegal migrants from entering, and build actual physical barriers to deter such entry. Moreover, the bill allows illegal migrants to continue being housed in hotels and shelters, which strains Massachusetts’ resources and increases crime in our state. The D-list celebrity candidates running are unserious and more focused on political grandstanding than fixing problems. Washington lacks real problem solvers; it’s full of talkers, and this bill reflects that.”

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