Ian Cain For US Senate

Ian Cain

Massachusetts’ story is intertwined with the story of our nation. We are built by American heroes who wanted more for their families, and did the insurmountable to make that happen. The freedom, prosperity, and liberty that defines our state and our country is at risk, and our leaders are failing us. 

Like so many of you, I was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. My parents worked diligently to give me every opportunity possible, always reminding me that there are no limits – no matter your race, ethnicity, or sexuality – to one’s potential if they work hard enough. 

I grew up in Quincy, living across the street from my grandparents, and had the opportunity to attend BC High before going on to Boston College and eventually receiving my MBA from Duke University. My career as an entrepreneur and businessman has led me home to Quincy where I founded and led a technology startup incubator. Throughout my career, I have focused on spurring innovation, creating opportunity and solving complex problems. 

My passion for change led me to run and now serve on the Quincy City Council, elected by my colleagues as Council President. I have been fully committed to leading our community into the future, from infrastructure to broadband to economic diversification. 

Now, I am stepping up to run for the United States Senate. 

I’m exhausted with do-nothing politicians who care more about themselves than our community and our state. I’m tired of the stale, old-guard who thinks their power is unquestionable. 

We need a new generation of leaders who work for US – not in spite of us. We need leaders who embrace the innovation economy and the new digital world –  not run from it. We need leaders who work to get problems solved – no matter the political ramifications

I am running to be an independent, fresh voice for our state and I hope I can count on your support.