Ian Cain For US Senate

Ian Cain's Priorities


Washington is broken and stuck in the past. It’s time to embrace commonsense policies that propel America into the future. I’m running to usher in a new generation of leadership, where leaders embrace the innovation economy and the new digital world, focus on collaboration instead of divisiveness, and strive for results, not celebrity.

Put simply – I’m ready to get shit done for Massachusetts and lead us into the future.

My GSD (Get Shit Done) Agenda:

The United States is failing at the border, and the security of our nation is at stake. We see the results of this failure everyday in Massachusetts, and we are struggling to adequately handle the influx of illegal migrants. Our budget is strained and we are taking money away from critical programs for American citizens. This is unsustainable.

Meanwhile, Washington is doing what they do best: nothing. At the end of the day, a very complicated issue has simple solutions that are proven to work. We need to secure our border with physical and technological barriers, reinstate Remain in Mexico, and restore a simpler process for legal immigration that prioritizes our needs first.

Our infrastructure is at risk of falling woefully behind. Congress is filled with more AARP members than leaders who understand the scope and scale of what modern infrastructure looks like. We have to invest in diversified energy, a secure and expansive digital network, and build in a way that looks towards the future, not tries to fill holes from the past.

We are also facing an affordable housing crisis and families are being priced out of communities and home ownership. We need to build to solve this problem and encourage public-private partnerships to grow and expand communities in need.

Our current government functions in a way where they overspend, over tax, and over borrow without any repercussions. We currently have a financial system that only works for the political and financial elites, while the average American gets burned.

It’s time to balance our budget, lower taxes, and create an environment where the government gets out of the way of economic innovation.

I will also support an agenda that embraces the digital economy. Right now, most Senators wouldn’t even be able to explain how the digital economy and crypto currencies work, let alone deserve the authority to regulate it. I will enact responsible regulations that also don’t limit the opportunities that crypto and blockchain companies are trying to create.

There has been no bigger embarrassment to the far-left progressive movement than their idea that we should defund our police. It’s these types of asinine policies that led me to register as a Republican voter.

We need to support police and pass laws that empower them to protect our streets, not make it harder for them to do their jobs. We also have to have a criminal justice system that prioritizes rehabilitation, prevents recidivism, and stops the soft-on-crime laws that release criminals back on our streets with no repercussions and no rehabilitation.

China remains the largest threat to our greatness, our ideals, and our global standing. The Chinese Communist Party is dead set on expanding their reach and influence as they continue to oppress citizens and undermine democracies around the world.

Their growing power needs to be met by even greater American strength, might, and innovation. We need to diversify our economy to continue to compete, invest in cybersecurity, and protect our democratic allies abroad. The next 50 years of global prosperity and innovation will be determined in our response to China’s growing threat and we need leaders in Congress that take this seriously.

Elizabeth Warren ran for Senate under the promise she would hold Wall Street accountable and take on the political elite – a dozen years later and she is now the same type of politician she claimed to fight against.

Washington is dripping with corruption. Politicians cash in on stocks, book deals, and special interest money. They are raking it in whether they do their jobs or not. It’s time to hold politicians accountable and bring fresh voices to Washington that will challenge the establishment. It’s time to enact term limits, end stock trading, and eliminate lobbyist donations.

We need to invest in America, our future generations depend on it. From childbirth, to child care, to education, to housing, we need to make it easier for families to realize the American Dream and set up future generations for uninhibited success.

The basics of our life – food, shelter, healthcare, and energy – should be affordable, accessible, and of the highest quality. We need to pass legislation that makes childbirth free, that keeps the cost of childcare down, and that takes a holistic approach to education and preparing our young people for their futures. By investing in America, we will unleash our potential.