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Cain: Police officers deserve unwavering support, respect

By Ian Cain, Telegram & Gazette

May 19, 2024

In the fabric of our society, law enforcement stands as the unwavering sentinel of order, justice and safety.

As a Republican candidate for the United States Senate, I firmly believe that respecting and supporting our law enforcement officers is not just a moral imperative but a necessity for the preservation of our nation’s fundamental values.

Every day, our police officers put on their uniforms, not knowing what challenges they might face, yet they bravely step into the line of duty to protect our communities. They are the first responders to emergencies, the guardians of our streets and the defenders of our liberties. I’ve seen it firsthand in Quincy, and through my having friends, family and colleagues who protect our communities — it is often a thankless job that could not be more important. Their commitment to upholding the law, often in the face of danger and adversity, deserves our utmost respect and appreciation.

However, the reality is that our law enforcement officers are too often overworked and underpaid. They sacrifice time with their families, endure stress and trauma, and confront dangers that most of us can only imagine. Yet, despite these challenges, they remain steadfast in their duty to serve and protect.

A lawful society is the bedrock of our democracy, and law enforcement ensures its stability. Without their tireless officers, our communities would be vulnerable to chaos, mob rule and violent insurrection. We cannot take for granted the safety and security that they provide, often at great personal risk.

Recent events on college campuses, like Harvard in our very own backyard, highlight the importance of supporting law enforcement. Incidents on college campuses, where the rule of law was undermined and officers were disrespected, serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of failing to uphold the principles of law and order. We cannot allow such behavior to go unchecked, for it threatens the very foundations of our society.

In recent times, there has been a disturbing trend toward vilifying and undermining law enforcement. Calls to “defund the police” and diminish their resources threaten the very fabric of our society. But equally as bad are demeaning and repulsive attacks on them personally. Such actions not only endanger public safety but also undermine the morale and effectiveness of our officers.

As your senator, I pledge to stand unwaveringly with America’s police. I will oppose any bill, resolution or movement that seeks to defund or undermine law enforcement. Instead, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our officers have the support, resources and respect they need to carry out their vital mission.

Respecting law enforcement is not a matter of partisanship; it is a matter of principle. It is about recognizing the sacrifices they make and the crucial role they play in keeping our communities safe.

Last week, I was proud to support and honor law enforcement during Police Week, but we also need to recognize they need our backing every day of the year. Let us come together as a nation to honor and support our police officers, for they are the guardians of our freedoms and the bulwark against chaos and lawlessness.

Ian Cain, a Quincy city councilor, is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

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