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CAIN: Illegal Immigration Isn’t Just A Border State Issue

The crisis at our Southern border has become a political farce. Democrats refuse to acknowledge the problem, while Fox News Republicans sensationalize and dehumanize the situation. Both sides are more interested infighting than in finding real solutions, leaving us with no answers to a growing economic, infrastructure, and security disaster.

It’s crucial to recognize the impact of this open border on Massachusetts (where I’m running for Senate), even though it’s 2,000 miles away. Over 350,000 illegal immigrants reside in the state, draining resources, straining the economy, and threatening the Commonwealth’s success. We might not share a border with Mexico, but we are certainly feeling the effects of an open border.

Commonwealth families bear an estimated $1,000 extra cost per family for education, healthcare, and public assistance due to the growing influx of illegal immigrants. The Massachusetts budget is stretched to the breaking point as we house, feed, and support illegal immigrants. Boston is already one of the toughest cities in the nation for young people to buy a home, and the influx in population and renters is making it worse. Since 1960, renters’ incomes have increased by only five percent while rents have risen 61 percent. It’s unsustainable and hurting the Commonwealth. Those here illegally face little to no consequences as they reap the benefits of our system while not paying their fair share.

Aside from the hard money we are spending to accommodate those here illegally, it is also crushing our economy and job market. A large influx of illegal immigration decreases employment opportunities and wages, especially for blue-collar workers who are citizens and legal migrants. Illegal immigration is directly harming our most vulnerable populations — black Americans, non-college educated, formerly incarcerated, and those with disabilities. Playing by the rules essentially leaves you disadvantaged, while businesses exploit illegal migrants for lower labor costs, and the rich get richer.

We’ve also heard horrifying stories of crime stemming from illegal immigrants. Our police and law enforcement do not have the resources they need to combat the problem, and soft-on-crime laws allow repeat offenders to roam the streets freely.

Realistically, it will take more than just money to solve this crisis. We need solutions at the border and partners at the federal level working with our communities. There is a reason nearly every Republican voted against the most recent border bill: it was a political ploy rather than legislation with real, meaningful solutions to the crisis at hand.

Effective solutions must begin at the border, where we need to strengthen physical barriers, invest in technological security, and implement policies that do not encourage illegal migration. Currently, our efforts to deter illegal crossings are minimal, which is both embarrassing and dangerous. The rest of the world is taking advantage of this weakness, and it poses significant national security risks. Strengthening our border will help protect our country and uphold the integrity of our immigration system.

To address illegal immigration effectively, we need robust federal-state partnerships. We must enforce deportation laws and ensure that police can properly report arrests, preventing illegal immigrants from returning to our streets. Additionally, we need to enhance our E-Verify systems to track illegal immigrants more efficiently.

Massachusetts also needs to consider revising its right-to-shelter laws in light of increasing illegal immigration, which strains state resources. The influx of undocumented immigrants seeking shelter can overwhelm the system, diverting funds and services from other critical needs such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure. These laws, initially intended to protect vulnerable residents rather than illegal immigrants, are now being stretched beyond their capacity. Revisiting them can help Massachusetts better manage its resources, ensuring sustainable support for both legal residents and those in dire need.

The inaction and partisan games being played around an issue that has deep economic, infrastructure, and security repercussions is an embarrassment for our supposed leaders. There is a reason this is the biggest issue facing our state right now; it is affecting all aspects of our lives. In the current race for Senate, Elizabeth Warren has made her stance clear: do nothing. Meanwhile, my GOP primary opponent John Deaton signed onto the progressive Senate Democrat open border plan that would cause permanent mass migration of at least two million more illegal immigrants per year. This is unacceptable. We deserve representatives who understand this crisis and offer real solutions.

Ian Cain is a Republican candidate for the Massachusetts Senate seat currently held by Elizabeth Warren.

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