Ian Cain For US Senate


Cain Challenges Opponents to Stand Up for Law Enforcement

Quincy, MA – Today, Ian Cain issued a challenge to his opponents in the Massachusetts Senate race: Stand up for law enforcement.

Cain has made a pledge to always back the blue and support legislation that funds the police and protect law enforcement. The pledge comes during National Police Week and a concerning trend of rising violent crime in major cities.

Cain stated: “To my opponents in this race, I issue a challenge: stand up for our law enforcement officers and join me in pledging to support them unequivocally.

Let us set aside partisan differences and come together in defense of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. I challenge you to reject any calls to defund the police and instead join me in advocating for increased support, resources, and respect for our officers.

The choice is clear: will you stand with law enforcement and uphold the rule of law, or will you capitulate to radical agendas that threaten the safety and security of our communities? Join me in standing up for what is right and honoring the sacrifices of our police officers.”

Both of Cain’s opponents, Democrat Elizabeth Warren and Republican John Deaton, have had a tepid past with supporting law enforcement. Warren has largely been aligned with the far-left, “Defund the Police” movement of the Democrat Party and Republican John Deaton is in ongoing litigation against Barrington Police Officer after an assault arrest that has been affirmed for probable cause.  

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