Ian Cain For US Senate


Cain Calls Out His Opponents: Stand With Law Enforcement

Quincy, MA – Today, Republican Ian Cain has a message to both his Democrat and Republican opponents: Stand with Law Enforcement.

Last week, Democrat Elizabeth Warren stayed silent as police officers across the country were honored, remembered, and supported during National Police Week. Since 2020, Warren has aligned herself with the “Defund the Police” movement and donors.

Republican John Deaton posted his tepid support despite currently suing the Barrington Police Department, in his home state of Rhode Island, for arresting him after an altercation at a Pop Warner football game, an arrest that has recently been deemed to have probable cause. During the arrest, Deaton insulted police officers by stating “I pay more in taxes than your entire salary” and tried to hold up his middle finger at police officers during his mugshot.  

Cain stated, “Police have one of the hardest jobs on earth. I am running against a Democrat who wants to defund their resources and a Republican who is suing officers after a warranted arrest. Our police officers are constantly under attack for doing their jobs, and the likes of Elizabeth Warren and John Deaton are pushing dangerous policy in their anti-police rhetoric.”

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